At the beginning of life, when there was nothing but water, the mythological goddess ’White Mother’, believed to give her soul to everything, comes from the endless waters of the Mediterranean and represents the life cycle initiated by water.

Inspired by the ’White Ana’ in Turkish mythology, Akana Paradise Bay is located in Paradise Bay, one of the most precious places on the Bodrum Peninsula.

Akana Paradise Bay Beach invites you to Akana’s life cycle with the crystal clear waters of Paradise Bay and the magical atmosphere inherited from the ancient Aegean.

Akana Paradise Bay, with its wonderful nature where the unique green tones of olive and pine trees are reflected in the turquoise blue sea, the crystal clear sea, the fine sand shining with the sunlight, and the extraordinary architecture hidden in the heart of this unique nature, is here to make you feel the spirit of nature permeated into every little particle. Awaits in a magical atmosphere.

Every experience you will have in Akana evolves into a journey far beyond what you can feel with your five senses, a story of coming back to yourself, and goes far beyond a holiday experience.

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