Water is the initial phase of everything in existence. Coming from the endless waters of the Mediterranean, Akana represents the life cycle initiated by the water. Akana Paradise Bay Beach invites you to Akana’s life cycle with the crystal clear waters of Paradise Bay and the magical atmosphere inherited from the ancient Aegean.

Akana Beach offers you the horizon where all the shades of yellow and pink rising from the sun and the endless blue meet the sky and the sea. This experience evolves into a journey far beyond what you can feel with your five senses, a story of coming back to yourself.

Akana Beach, with its wide cushioned seating groups detailed with natural designs accompanied by wooden and wicker items, low tables surrounded by soft pillows, comfortable sun loungers, music broadcasts accompanying this comfort, and daytime flavors that prepare you for a pleasant evening in a harmonious integrity with its unique style presents.

Akana Beach takes you from sunrise to sunset in a very special bay by the sea in Bodrum, it invites you to live a unique experience in Paradise Bay.